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My mother told me that her granny told her that her grandfather was a poet. My grand mother forced my mother to learn all his poems by heart, which my mother hated. I successfully resisted my mother’s attempts to do the same to me and instead I commited these poems to virtual memory. Now, you can ‘vacuum’ my great grandfather ‘dust’, keeping my conscience clean. I do this to honor my mother, who is no longer with me. God bless her soul.

Latest Poems

Ulysses’ remorse

Yes, I left like a thief, quietlyNo goodbye waving, no kissJust run, and no looking backBut my soul get caught in the doorTearing painfully in halvesLike a piece of clothForever making me unwholeHow sorry I am, for the pain I caused The ship flew me beyondThe pillars of your worldWhere only love could followYes, IContinue reading “Ulysses’ remorse”

Ulysses’ landfall

She rescued me from a desolate shoreOn which I shipwrecked my Calypso dreamSeeing the sadness of the past I woreShaking with cold from the winter stream She put her arms around my breast, her lipsBlew wind to sails and shipsThat brought me here – left empty, with kissShe lifted the Calypso’s curse, and this IsContinue reading “Ulysses’ landfall”


all that is not good and the shameful despite and the uttermost tribulation and dying, and all pains and passion and this readily passed over into comfort and what purgeth and maketh us to know  our self and all shall be welly and all manner of thing shall be well shewing no manner of blameContinue reading “descend”

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