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My mother told me that her granny told her that her grandfather was a poet. My grand mother forced my mother to learn all his poems by heart, which my mother hated. I successfully resisted my mother’s attempts to do the same to me and instead I commited these poems to virtual memory. Now, you can ‘vacuum’ my great grandfather ‘dust’, keeping my conscience clean. I do this to honor my mother, who is no longer with me. God bless her soul.

Latest Poems

antiliberal 56

Sinful utterly happy looser Hoping to see love Emerging among trees Lovingly greeting her kisses with kiss – Taking in arms this lush Embodiment of compound adjectives Gerunds and loving progressive tenses Twisting my tongue with kiss after kisses – Seeing again the love in thy eyes Feeling a tender touch of thy hand TransmutingContinue reading “antiliberal 56”

antiliberal 55

She watches movies about loveHe watches movie about GodOthers watch pornWe watch what we have lost This seeing makes us wholeFree to be what we cannot Men watch womenAnd they watch childrenWadding through puddlesWe watch what we had lost And I watch your smile While you read this poemAnd branches moving in a breezeRain washingContinue reading “antiliberal 55”

antiliberal 54

I see thee pregnant with love like branch of jasmine bend with dew Surprised by the attraction Pulling thee towards damp earth Ready to receive thee with joy Thee carry our love child Conceived with gentle kisses and touch of trembling hands And I tremble anticipating The mystery of thy heart Holding our destiny WillContinue reading “antiliberal 54”

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