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My mother told me that her granny told her that her grandfather was a poet. My grand mother forced my mother to learn all his poems by heart, which my mother hated. I successfully resisted my mother’s attempts to do the same to me and instead I commited these poems to virtual memory. Now, you can ‘vacuum’ my great grandfather ‘dust’, keeping my conscience clean. I do this to honor my mother, who is no longer with me. God bless her soul.

Latest Poems

what is sin ?

God is in all thing.nothing is done by happ,ne by adventure,but by the aforesaid wisdom.happ or adventureis in the un-fore-sight of man,while the foresaid of wisdomwithout beginning leadethall things to the best end. God doth all andall things are well donehe doth no sin andsin is no deed,after when he useth workingof mercy and ofContinue reading “what is sin ?”

at my ending

at my ending,sett the crosse before my face,to looke thereupon andcomfort me there withto sett my eienin the face of Hisand when my sightbegan to faile,darken the chamberas if it had bene night,the crosse, whereinheld a common light for that day of ye dieth,is he deemed particularly,as he shall be without end,knoweth that be yeContinue reading “at my ending”

a purse of love

the soule seeketh till knows verilie, andthe soule sparred as a purse full faire, andin time of necessity, it is opened andsparred againe full lonestlie, soit cometh downe to the lowest part of the need for as the bodie is cladd in death, andthe flesh in the skinn, andthe bones in the flesh, andthe heartContinue reading “a purse of love”

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