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My mother told me that her granny told her that her grandfather was a poet. My grand mother forced my mother to learn all his poems by heart, which my mother hated. I successfully resisted my mother’s attempts to do the same to me and instead I commited these poems to virtual memory. Now, you can ‘vacuum’ my great grandfather ‘dust’, keeping my conscience clean. I do this to honor my mother, who is no longer with me. God bless her soul.

Latest Poems

antiliberal 47

From this point of view pansies obstruct the city Tips of dried buds cover skyscrapers From here my thoughts touch God’s feet and my hair tickle His merciful toes The earth and my scull are changing into a desert My soul is parched because sages of this age Don’t quench my thirst I pinch sky’sContinue reading “antiliberal 47”

antiliberal 46

Out of stone the body is made Out of clay, mud and star’s dirt It is a hardness in us It is a firmness in us It speaks when layers of grain rub And God is quite amazed With sand singing His praise One day in the garden Heavy with stony petals He saw HerContinue reading “antiliberal 46”

antiliberal 45

Yes, I left like a thief, quietlyNo goodbye waving, no kissJust run, and no looking backBut my soul was caught in the doorTearing painfully in halvesLike a piece of clothForever making me unwholeHow sorry I am, for the pain I caused The ship flew me beyondThe pillars of your worldWhere only love could followYes, IContinue reading “antiliberal 45”

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